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"You have to really love what you’re doing and just keep trying, staying persistent and keeping at it."

I have been juggling a number of projects lately. In the midst of the creative chaos staying focused on the essentials has been challenging to say the least. While researching some music-related things I ran across a terrific Bill Frisell interview on the "All About Jazz" site.

Tunes that are synonymous with "fall."

On today's show I played two tracks that have always felt like fall to me. Both of these tunes force me (in a positive and reflective way) to pause and listen. Definitely a heavy dose of nostalgia thrown into the mix. These tracks represent the formative beginnings of my understanding and appreciation of jazz. I must admit that fusion, for me, was very much the gateway drug to more traditional and experimental jazz.

Matt Ulery: In the Ivory

I have been listening to Matt Ulery's latest release, "In the Ivory" this week and it is a gorgeous set of music. I have posted it as this week's "Alloy Recommendation" (see the sidebar of the website for links related to "In the Ivory"). I plan to post a full review of the album in the days/weeks ahead. If you want to receive Alloy-specific news and updates, please sign-up to receive information by filling out the form also located in the sidebar of the site. Thanks!

Episode 5: "New Music"

The focus of the upcoming episode of "Alloy: A Mixture of Jazz and Progressive Music" will be new music. Since the launch of the show I have been collecting and curating a lot of new music and look forward to sharing new artists and new tracks with you on this week's show. Stay tuned.


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