Alloy: Episode 25

“Pythagoras with the looking glass…” (playlist)

“… reflects the full moon.” This lyric fragment is from Genesis' opus and prog-rock classic, "Supper's Ready," the featured "long track" from this week's show. If you have never heard this tune, or want to revisit it, you can listen to it in its entirety (for free), here...and, if you are REALLY into it (like me!), check out the live version. It is a perfect time capsule of a band finding its stride musically and theatrically. Plenty of other artists, new and old, as well as other genre-bending tunes were also part of today's melting pot of music. If you missed the “live” show, you can always catch the all-music, 24/7 station. Thanks for listening!

Song Artist Album
fünf canons i, op.16 the cellar and point ambit
Evidence Thelonious Monk The Columbia Years '62-'68
Oska T Ellery Eskelin With Andrea Parkins & Jim Black 12 (+1) Imaginary Views
Calliope Tom Waits Blood Money
Come On Up To The House Tom Waits Mule Variations
Izzabella Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child
Voodoo Chile Gil Evans Gil Evans And The Monday Night Orchestra Live At Sweet Basil
Iron Man The Bad Plus Give
When in Rome Tony Bennett & Bill Evans The Tony Bennett/Bill Evans Album
Child Development Billy Collins The Best Cigarette
I'll See You In My Dreams Jimmy Durante As Time Goes By : The Best Of Jimmy Durante
Ol' Man River Frank Sinatra The Concert Sinatra
Cast Your Fate To The Wind Sounds Orchestral One Hit Wonders Vol 1
Supper's Ready Genesis Foxtrot
Sad Twilight Don Byron Romance with the Unseen
Starting Over Guy Klusevsek and Alan Bern Accordance
0852 the cellar and point ambit
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