Alloy: Episode 38

"A Series of Small Serendipities"

My week has been filled with a series of small serendipities. Funny how you think the thought, and, bam!...along comes something related and totally unexpected. Happy accidents. Sadly, not enough space here to share all of the serendipities of the week. Perhaps, I will post a blog entry providing a more complete picture at some point in the future. But, here is one: in composing this week's show, I realized that the last several episodes have been focusing more on jazz and ambient music and not all that much in the true prog-rock vein.

Alloy Music Capsule for "A Series of Small Serendipities"

Welcome to the first editon of what I am currently calling the "Alloy Music Capsule." For lack of a better description, this is in part a text-based, blog-style version of my weekly broadcast. In addition to my narrative (I will try not to be too wordy!), I have also provided freely available versions of all (or as many as I can find/provide) the tracks featured on my show--be it via YouTube, Bandcamp, or other fantastic music resources. Though I like talking about music (okay, I love talking about music!), I also love sharing what I like and listen to each week.

"A Series of Small Serendipities" (show notes)

While pulling together this week's "Alloy" program, "A Series of Small Serendipities," I found a number of interesting things worth sharing:

  • Jazz at Lincoln Center is a terrific resource for viewing live webstreamed, as well as archived concerts featuring some of the best artists in the jazz community. Just this past week they featured four performances by Bill Frisell as part of his "Up & Down The Mississippi" project. Highly recommend joining their mailing list so you are notified when they will featuer their next live performance.
  • I featured a track off Kamasi Washington's new release, "The Epic" a 17 song, 3-disc jazz opus [iTunes | Amazon]. If you want to learn more about Kamasi, hear how the album came together, and see his band play a number of tracks, live, from their album release event, check this out this documentary available on the Jazz at the Lincoln Center site.
  • I played a trio of blues/gospel-ish tunes, kind of a first for "Alloy," and discovered that Sam Cooke felt his classic song, "A Change is Gonna Come" had a kind of ominousness about it. You can listen to the trio of songs I played below:

"A Series of Small Serendipities" (playlist)

Song Artist Album
Molten Sunset Dave Douglas High Risk
Cleveland: By The Lake Pete Malinverni Emerging Markets
People Get Ready The Impressions 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Curtis Mayfield
A Change Is Gonna Come Sam Cooke Portrait of a Legend 1951-1964 (Remastered)
A Change Is Gonna Come Bill Frisell History, Mystery
The Pilgrim Huminoita All is Two
Sun Spot Throttle Elevator Music Jagged Rocks
The Next Step Kamasi Washington The Epic Vol.1 The Plan
Close To the Edge (I. The Solid Time of Change, II. Total Mass Retain, III. I Get Up I Get Down, IV. Seasons of Man) [Live at Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham, North Carolina November 11, 1972] Yes Progeny: Highlights From Seventy-Two (Live)
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