Alloy: Episode 88

It all fits...

"nature's template"

There are weeks and then there are weeks. To be honest, I have been feeling a bit betwixt and between as far as new music of late. Until this week I had not received much in the way of new artists and tracks to share. Perhaps this is attributable to the summer months (think: ”summer is a slowdown pace, man.”). Ah, yes, very true. But then, seemingly out of nowhere, along comes an earstorm's worth of heavy and highly shareable tracks. This week’s show will share the fruits of this recent harvest of fresh summer releases (and a couple soon-to-be-released advanced listens as well!). From big bands and big arrangements, to smaller groups with complex musical statements. All will fit together, be woven, if you will, to create the mix for this week. To my ear, musically, it all just fits.

Lend an open ear and listen live on Tuesday via the web stream or on your mobile device via TuneIn by clicking here at 9AM. Also, don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from the last episode, “Points of Interest/Points of Departure” from the comfort of your browser (click here). This week's artwork is a detail of a larger work, “nature’s template” created by yours truly.

Thanks for listening!

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