Alloy: Episode 140

Otherworldly (playlist #140)

"otherworldly" by gbmediadesign

It was nice to be back playing new music and fabulous favorites this week! Checkout this week’s playlist to see all the music played. Don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from the last episode, “Harvesting” (click here). This week's artwork, “otherworldly” was created by yours truly.

Thanks for listening!

Composition Artist Album
“Juju” Dr. Lonnie Smith All In My Mind
“6 Mama Bear Love Army” New York Electric Piano State of the Art
“The Epic” Pat Metheny Group American Garage
“Unnamed Cells” Myriad3 Moons
“Pantheon” Julian Lage Modern Lore
“Throughout” Bill Frisell In Line
“The Beach” Bill Frisell & Arild Andersen In Line
“Betula, Pt. 1” Amulets Betula
“Sandstorm” Peter Gabriel Passion: Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ
“Black Origami” Jlin Black Origami
“Reggie-n-Rex Express” New York Electric Piano State of the Art
“Undiscovered First” Feist Metals
“You're The Man (Pts. 1 & 2)” Marvin Gaye The Very Best
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