"Sounds like..."


"Hey, that sounds like..." or "that reminds me of..." are phrases that run through my mind frequently when I prepare my show each week. I attribute this weekly exercise to the fact that, musically, I have a pretty solid foot in the past, for sure, but also find myself ever leaning forward, listening to what is happening now, what's new and different. Forever running it all through my own musical filters. The byproduct of this musical-selection-dichotomy (past v. present) is what often surfaces each week on "Alloy." It is less a struggle (not at all, in fact) and more the creation of a harmonious collage of sounds and textures, styles and genres, hystory and mystery. I hope it makes for interesting and entertaining shows and maybe, just maybe, pushes the needle away from boring, and closer (I hope) to points of departure outside a pre-defined musical comfort zone. I appreciate everyone that listens to the live show on Tuesdays. Know, too, that if you miss the "live" show you can always catch the all-music, 24/7 "Alloy" station. Thanks for listening! ["Specs" collage by gbmediadesign]