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"Alloy" Weekly Recommendation (week of 3/2/15)

As we enter the first days of March, I have decided to alter the "Alloy Recommendation" feature a bit. To-date I have offered one album per month and featured tracks from that album throughout the month. While that has worked pretty well I am interested in mixing things up more. So, beginning this month, I will be recommending an album each week and playing select tracks from that album on the weekly "live" show as well as the "Live365" music web stream. This week's recommended album of the week is an ECM retro-classic, Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays' 1981 release, "As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls."

"Alloy" February Recommendation

This month's "Alloy" recommendation is the latest release from the cellar and point, "ambit." The beauty of this album is its incredible musical diversity making pigeonholing it into one specific genre difficult and likely a fool's game. With creative syncopation and unexpected compositional twist and turns, it explores a broad musical spectrum that is at turns captivating, energizing, and reverent. Quite a varied palette! All this month "Alloy" will showcase tracks from this recommended album.

Alloy Streaming!

Missed the show but want to hear the featured music? I got you covered. You can now listen to "Alloy" between broadcasts...sort of! I have created a "live365" web streaming version of the show. Every week I will be releasing a playlist that features as many tracks as I can from that week's show. Also, because I am not limited to one-hour, I will be adding tracks that I could not feature on the show due to time constraints.


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