Mark Hollis and Bill Evans

So much to say about this interview that I find I do complete 360 and arrive back at the mental beginning—and have nothing more to add than what Mark Hollis shares, alludes to, and implies (and more!). This excellent interview with Hollis is apparently after the completion of the Talk Talk masterpiece, Laughing Stock (read | listen)—Talk Talk’s final studio album and follow-up to their other masterpiece, Spirit of Eden (read | listen). I would love to hear the whole of this interview, but it appears to apparently be lost in the great ether, if that is possible these days. At any rate, if you are interested in the recording process, the creative process, or bringing your ideas to fruition, this interview segment is relevant.

If the Mark Hollis interview isn’t too “inside baseball” you can pair this video with the exceptional 1966 documentary/interview "The Universal Mind Of Bill Evans” with the late great pianist, Bill Evans. The excellent site, Open Culture, also provides access to the video and features a nice overview of the documentary that is worth checking out as well.