Nels Cline and "Sound"

I so admire how open and honest Nels Cline is regarding his music and his approach. I have listened to several interviews with Nels over the last few weeks and he is consistent and easy-going in all settings and is very comfortable discussing his music and influences. In preparation for this week's Alloy radio show that focused on "sound," I watched this interview/hangout that Nels gratiously did with folks at Radius Cowork in Eerie, PA in advance of a performance he and Julian Lage did on October 19, 2015 at the Mercyhurst Institute for Arts and Culture in Erie, PA. If the video does not automatically jump to spot 6:25 into the interview (the spot where Nels talks candidly about "sound") you can fast forward to that spot on your own. His openess to what sound is, can be, and what it ultimately becomes, how it is interpreted and experienced is refreshing. In this week's show I played the complete "Onan Suite" from Nels' 2009 album "Coward." You can hear the full version of this piece by checking out this week's Alloy playlist (songs 10-15). If you dig those tracks by Nels, you can purchase the album here or here. Thanks watching and listening!