Review of Dave Douglas’ Dark Territory

Dave Douglas’ Dark Territory

The excellent music review site, Bird is the Worm, posted a spot-on review of Alloy favorite, Dave Douglas' new High Risk release, Dark Territory. Dave Sumner, the mastermind behind Bird is the Worm, focuses on serveral compositions from this release in his review:

On “Celine,” the ground is ice, and the tempo glides and slips and hurtles forward with unpredictable frequencies. The floor is covered in fog on “Let’s Get One Thing Straight” and every step is an uncertain one. “Mission Acropolis” is how it feels to walk through foothills that transform into waves at first touch. “All the Pretty Horsepower” is wading through the light spectrum. “Ridge Hill” is the dance floor. It’s all motion that transforms from moment to moment, image to image, no change quite the same.

Give a listen to "Celine":

Also, check out High Risk's previous release (also excellent!), the self-titled, High Risk. Give a listen to "Molten Sunset":