Some weeks you zig; other weeks you zag.

Buchla Music Easel

A new playlist has been posted to Alloy's all-music station over on live365.. Usually, the week's playlist on live365 matches closely what I played on the weekly live radio show (which means, in this case I usually "zig" and follow the list from the radio show)...but this week is different. This week, I am inclined to "zag" and post music to live365 that has nothing to do, really, with what was played on this week's show. Why? Two reasons.

The most pressing one is due to copyright limits that live365 has in place making it nearly impossible to play two tracks in a row by the same artist, certainly not from the same album. This is not new and has been the case since I started the station on live365. This week's live radio show focused on big band music and featured a lot of Duke Ellington compositions that coincided (and paired well) with the live in-studio conversation that was the focus of the show. With the live365 limits in place this week's playlist would have all but eliminated the numerous Ellington tracks that were part of the show's focus. Kind of misses the primary target of the music by a wide margin. This is not a rant against the copyright limits, it is just the way it is right now, no problem. Which leads to reason two—wanting to post music to the live365 station that is not always like (or in lockstep) with the weekly live radio broadcast. So, this week's playlist is just that—not tied to the radio show—and features a healthy dose of experimental, ambient, post-rock, progressive, and fantastically gorgeous music all rolled into one eclectic sonic smorgasbord. Enjoy the mix this week. Who knows what holds for next week's playlist. Alloy is all about zigging and zagging around music genres, so unpredictability is par for the course.

Thanks for listening!