Alloy: Episode 7

Episode 7: "Pro Music: Music for Music’s Sake" (playlist)

This week’s show was, hopefully, less about labels, definitions and firm musical boundaries, and more about witnessing the blurring of musical boundaries in an effort to be, simply, "pro music," for music for music’s sake—in all its challenging forms, boundaries, and styles.

Song Artist Album Amazon | iTunes| Other
JJ Leaves LA Daniel Lanois Shine Amazon | iTunes
Gave Proof Matt Ulery In the Ivory Amazon | iTunes
Write on the Wall Matt Ulery In the Ivory Amazon | iTunes
Ghost in the Machine Now Hear Ensemble, Dan VanHassel (composer) Made in California Amazon | iTunes
First Flight Myriad3 The Where Amazon | iTunes
white cylinder (a) the cellar and point ambit Amazon | iTunes
Rhetoric Machine Nathan Parker Smith Not Dark Yet Amazon | iTunes
Of the Sea The Vale From Another Room Other | iTunes
Nimbus Jonathan Badger Verse Amazon | iTunes
Until It Blazes Giacomo Fiore (guitar), Eve Beglarian (composer) iv: american electric guitars Amazon | iTunes
Palo Colorado Dream Anthony Pirog Palo Colorado Dream Amazon | iTunes
Leaving the Woods Janel and Anthony Where Is Home Amazon | iTunes
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