Alloy: Episode 13

Jaco Pastorius: Birthday Tribute (show notes)

Wikipedia (no surprise!) has some great links covering Jaco and his work:

  • Jaco's bio
  • A nice overview of his discography and nice page listing the personnel list for Word of Mouth (his second solo album)
  • The Pastorius family is launching a new website and you can view it here.

I mentioned during the show that I saw Weather Report live around the time they released their live album "8:30". Here is Jaco's solo from that album, "Slang."

Jaco Pastorius: Birthday Tribute

Jaco Pastorius would have celebrated his 63rd birthday on December 1st. He passed away in 1987 at the way too young age of 35. His life and creative fire burned out way too soon. This week's show will celebrate this bass virtuoso's amazing musical contributions. Catch the live show at 10am on Monday and join the birthday "Jaco-fest."

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