Alloy: Episode 15

Room: Episode 15 (playlist)

The music featured this week mirrors the clean, collaborative, and simpler approach reflected in guitarists Nels Cline and Julian Lange’s new release, “Room.” Many of the other tracks comprising this week’s playlist, like “Room”, are straightforward, not heavily effected, and simpler (in a positive way)—both compositionally and sonically. Perhaps it is a direct response on my part to the largeness that is the “holiday season.” Not sure. But should you want to escape to a slightly simpler musical place, amidst the hectic holiday push, I invite you to listen enjoy any of these tracks.

Song Artist Album Amazon | iTunes| Other
Silverline M. Ward End of Amnesia Amazon | iTunes
Zarafah Joshua Redman Back East Amazon | iTunes
Sacraments Throttle Elevator Music Area J Amazon | iTunes
Ahmad the Terrible Jack DeJohnette Album Album Amazon | iTunes
Anxious Battle for Sanity Antonio Sanchez Birdman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Amazon | iTunes
etude xv the cellar and point ambit Amazon | iTunes
The Train and the River Jimmy Giuffre The Jimmy Giuffre 3 Amazon | iTunes
The Train and the River Dave Douglas, Chet Doxas (reeds), Jim Doxas (drums), Steve Swallow (bass) Riverside Amazon | iTunes
Whispers from Eve Nels Cline & Julian Lage Room Amazon | iTunes
purple octagon the cellar and point ambit Amazon | iTunes
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