Alloy: Episode 21

Of Mind and Memory (playlist)

Song Artist Album
A Swingin' Safari Bert Kaempfert A Swingin’ Safari
Afrikaan Beat Bert Kaempfert The Very Best of Bert Kaempfert
Hat And Beard Eric Dolphy Out To Lunch!
Equlibrium Matthew Shipp Equilibrium
Stonemilker Bjork Vulnicura
Quicksand Bjork Vulnicura
Pagan Poetry Bjork Vespertine
Unison Dave Douglas The Infinite
The Lydiot George Russell Jazz in the Space Age
The Gates of Delirium Yes Relayer
Masters of War Bill Frisell Bill Frisell - Solos: The Jazz Sessions
Trek Spencer & Antfood Trek-Single
Drumheller Caribou The Milk of Human Kindness
Movements of a Visionary Tangerine Dream Phaedra
Weightless Part 1 Marconi Union Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol.2)

Of Mind and Memory

Have you ever experienced the mental, musical phenomenon of a song or melody line, seemingly out of nowhere, popping into your head and pushing whatever else had preoccupied your mind to the deep back burner? Perhaps, while you're busy doing something menial or mindless, and then, all of a sudden, wham, there it is--a hook, a line, a lyric, or a phrase from some tune or jingle--front and center. This is a regular phenomenon for me, and I decided to include in this week's show several recent examples of this "out-of-nowhere-wham-experience," as I call it.

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