Adjusting the Frequency

Depending on where you reside, you might be able to not only see but also hear the sounds of spring approaching. If so, get outside and enjoy the audible world that surrounds you! In the greater Alloy listening area, warmer than usual temps have ushered in a feeling of spring and a sense that the change of season is not too far away. Whether permanent, or not, time will tell. This week’s show, which by the way featured all new music, dialed in some frequencies that reflect warmer vibes and tones. It also explored a number of longer tracks that have caught my attention as well. I have mentioned in the past how I am never sure how things, musically speaking, find me—whether I am witnessing a trend or that I am more like a magnet drawing certain things to me—but, lately, longer tracks have forged a happy path to my door and I am a welcome recipient of this fact. Expansive tracks by William Basinski, Thinking Plague, and Chicago/London Underground were showcased during this week’s show. Not everything was opus in length. The overall mix was varied and interesting. Don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from the last episode, “Rabbit Holes” (click here). This week's artwork, “adjusting the frequency” is by yours truly. Thanks for listening!