Different Trains

This week, while listening to an episode of one of my favorite ambient-focused radio shows, "Echoes with John Diliberto", a reference to Steve Reich's 1988 composition "Different Trains" was made. There was a moment in the broadcast where the host imagined that there is likely a huge number of music listeners/lovers, in this current time/age, that have never heard this important minimalist composition. I realized, in that flash instant, I was one of them. Looking to rectify that musical deficit, I took it upon myself, this week, to take a personal deep-dive (as I am likely to do anyway!) into listening and learning what I could about this ground-breaking work. I will share a bit of that process on this week's show. This week's show will feature a movement from this work as well as other tracks that both echo and contrast Reich's "Different Trains." Catch the live show at 10AM on Monday.