Here, there...and everywhere."


This has been one of those weeks where I have been pulled in a number of different directions and scrambling through most of my days. Feeling a bit like I am "here, there, and everywhere." All good stuff, thankfully, and fortunately, I have the weekly radio show to help ground me in the "here and now." In particular, I revisited my music library this week, dug deep, and pulled out some gems, some diamonds in the rough, and some forgotten classics. Check out the week's playlist for all the details. The image associated with this week seemed to fit the flow of the week--a beautiful and turbulent tide dancing against the Maine coast rocks--Pemaquid Point, Maine to be exact. I have been doing more digital fine art and animation of late and this image is a product of that work. I have been working on some video/animation to go along with these and other digital creations that I hope to share with folks at some point, stay tuned. Back to radio details...if you missed this week's show, you can always catch the all-music, 24/7 station. Thanks for listening! (featured artwork, "Pemaquid" by gbmediadesign)