Last Show of 2014

"Alloy" closes the year with its seventeenth live episode(!). I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing music every week whether on the live radio show or via the new(ish) 24/7 music playlist available on "live365". Thanks to everyone for supporting the show. I look forward to more great things in 2015. Not the least of which is (drumroll please) beginning Tuesday, January 6th "Alloy" will become a two-hour show! Mark your calendars: "Alloy" moves to Tuesdays from 9am to 11am beginning January 6th. I am very excited for the opportunity to explore and share more music every week. Please stay tuned!

This week's show does not revolve around a definitive theme, per se. I have been meaning (for weeks!) to play a set of tracks featuring Brian Blade, drummer and multi-instrumentalist. I will do that this week, finally! I also have new music to play as well as some interesting new music discoveries as well. All good stuff! Please catch the live show at 10AM on Monday.

Photo by Thomas Radlwimmer (2006)