Layers of abstraction

Out of nothing

Dissonant and seemingly unstructured music, non-melody driven soundscapes, or other "off the beaten path" musical experiments and sounds do not bother me. In fact, I invite the tension and complexity they generate like I would a challenging and deep philosophical discussion. To me they are one and the same. A passionate yet abstract aural dialog, if there is such a thing. Don't get me wrong, I have moments and days where I need a structured melody, something to hang my musical mind on--some solid melodic ground to rest my weary head on. But, the main point here is that it is not always a requirement. Not at all. I have found as I have gotten older that my taste in music is not unlike my equal and abiding appreciation (call it love) for abstract expressionist art (see Joan Mitchell Foundation). In fact, I find they are deeply related. Being a visual artist, I find that when I hear music that puts me in a state of transcendence, my inner eye, my mind becomes a canvas of shapes and textures. Spaces both positive and negative. A complex exercise that I quite delight in that, as time goes by, becomes a fertile ground for both visual and aural exploration. This week's show features a number of pieces that are steeped in layers of abstraction, sounds that challenge, as well as tracks that have solid melodies to hang your ear on. Listen live on Tuesday (9AM-11AM) and if you miss the "live" show you can always catch the all-music, 24/7 "Alloy" station. Thanks for listening! ["Out of nothing" by gbmediadesign]