Melodious Melange

Michel Banabila: Marilla Remixed (detail)

This week's show pulls music from a variety of genres and time periods--a veritable melodious melange. In particular, I will feature a short set of tracks from an excellent ambient remix of Dutch composer and sound artist, Michel Banabila's 1983 vinyl release, Marilli, which was recently released on bandcamp (it is a name your price release!). What makes this new release special is that rather than recreate Marilli, which was never Banabila's desire, he in turn invited artists to remix and essentially reconceive the original tracks by breathing new life into his original compositions. The result is Marilli Remixed (more info here) a sonically different interpretation of the original--new sounds, new technology--that is a delight to listen to (the artwork above is a detail from the cover of Marilli Remixed).

This week's melodious melange will include additional genre bending music and some seasonal tunes as well. Lend an open ear and listen live on Tuesday at 9AM, if you can. As always, if you miss the live Alloy show this week you can always catch the all-music, 24/7 “Alloy” station. Want more "Alloy" on your mobile device? Listen to "Alloy: A Mixture of Music and Conversation," the premier episode of Alloy's new podcast featuring bassist, composer, and recording artist, Chris Lightcap.

Thanks for listening!