Mix Up the Satellite

“modular waves” by gbmediadesign

The title of this week’s show is apropos for this week. I have been sending a lot of things to the satellites this week. On Saturday, I co-hosted a two-hour block (from 4PM to 6PM) on WDCV with my friend and fellow WDCV DJ, Tom Wilkins (host of “String Theory” on Mondays from 8PM to 10PM on WDCV). We participated in the station’s 24-hour live DJ event, sharing the airwaves for two hours playing tracks outside of our “normal” music groove. It was a real treat doing a collaborative show with Tom. In generating the music for our show, I was reminded of just how excellent the album Earthquake Glue by Guided by Voices is and couldn’t resist tossing a track into this week’s Alloy broadcast (Mix Up the Satellite).

Yesterday, I released the fourth Alloy podcast episode featuring my conversation with musician and new renaissance artist, Elizabeth A. Baker. You can find all you need to know about that episode here. Lend an open ear and give it a listen. I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Elizabeth and hope you do as well.

Finally, this week’s radio show was truly a mix as well. The first hour featured a number of new big band tracks proving that creative and engaging big band music is very much alive and vital. The second hour represented a deep foray into soundscapes and ambient spaces. I realized I had accumulated a number of tracks of this ilk and decided this was the week to “mix up the satellite” some more taking a deep dive into textural sounds and serene places represented by a number of excellent artists working in this realm.

Don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from the last episode, “Scattershot” (click here). This week's artwork, “modular waves” is a detail of a larger work by yours truly. You can see the full version here. Thanks for listening!