Morning Phase

Beck "Morning Phase"

The 57th Annual Grammy Awards were held on Sunday night. I have only a very casual interest in this annual music award event. If you listen to Alloy with any regularity you will understand that most of what is played is often outside the scope of Grammy representation. I am very okay with that, to be quite honest. I like what I like (he says with a content smile). But, having said that, I do check the results, mostly to see if anything interesting was recognized and/or awarded. The big surprise, to me, was that "Album of the Year" was awarded to Beck for his excellent ambient/folk/indie album "Morning Phase." I really like this album and was pleasantly surprised that the Recording Academy felt the same. This album crossed several genres, was recorded mostly "at home" (according to Beck), and not with any grand commercial intent. All positive checkmarks on my music scorecard. It makes me wonder what lasting impact this will have in the current music climate. How many other artists will turn toward the slower, contemplative, ambient/folk style that is this album? Time will tell. I will feature tracks from Beck's album on this week's show, plus another Grammy-awarded album, Chick Corea's "Trilogy." Please tune in to the live show at 9 AM on Tuesday, or listen to the all-music, 24/7 station. Thanks for listening!