Musical Fabric

mixing memory

Is there something shared across this week’s featured music? Good question. I must admit, the music I assembled this week does not revolve around any one primary theme or easily established core concept. After repeated listens, though, I did find something true across several of this week’s tracks (and also true of much of the featured music played on Alloy)—interesting and compelling sonic layers, woven together to create textures, a musical fabric, to engage as well as challenge the ear. New tracks and classics will fill the airwaves making for a wonderful tapestry of sound and melody. Also, pair this week’s music with a previous Alloy show, “Textures” if you desire a bit more on the textural side of music and sound.

Please lend an open ear and listen live on Tuesday via the web stream or on your mobile device via TuneIn by clicking here at 9AM. Also, don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from the last episode, “Hearing Double” from the comfort of your browser (click here). This week's artwork, “mixing memory” is a detail of a larger work by yours truly. Thanks for listening!