New Music/New Podcast Episode!

look again

What a week it has been. So much great music has found its way to my door (and ears) this week. New tracks will provide the essential musical scaffolding for this week's show. Also, I am so very pleased to announce that the latest double-episode of "Alloy: A Mixture of Music and Conversation" is available everywhere (iTunes | Soundcloud | Stitcher). It features my extensive, engaging, and entertaining conversation with artist, composer, musician, and dare I say, modern day renaissance man, Pat Daugherty. Pat is perhaps best known for his work fronting the New York Electric Piano. Their latest release, “Black Hole in One” (an Alloy fave) showcases Pat’s unique groove-based and totally funk-jazz centered songwriting, as well as his lyrical and vocal side as well. We enjoyed our get together so much our conversation spans two episodes. Give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Lend an open ear and listen live on Tuesday via the web stream or on your mobile device via TuneIn by clicking here at 9AM. Also, don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from the last episode, “Dissonance Coincidence” from the comfort of your browser (click here). This week's artwork, "look again" was created by yours truly.

Thanks for listening!