The Newness of New

Under Construction

This week's show image is very appropriate—under construction. The whole week since the last show was a fluid "work in progress"--filled with cranky personal technology, trying to force too much in too little time, all creating obstacles along the way. In short, the only thing missing was the incessant "beeping" often associated with construction vehicles at construction sites. So, in lieu of a novel theme or concept this week's show will feature more new tracks, new sounds—newly constructed compositions (staying with the "construction theme"). So, stretch out the metaphorical caution tape, put on a symbolic hard hat and tune in to "the newness of new" this week.

Lend an open ear and listen live on Tuesday at 9AM, if you can. Also, don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from last week's “Pink” show right from the comfort of your browser (click here). Thanks for listening! (This week's artwork, “under construction” is by yours truly.)