Old(er) is New Again

This week's show, in large part, grew organically through the process of cleaning and organizing my music library. Wading through stacks of past releases allowed me to reconsider, re-listen, and cull deeper tracks from releases that got minimal airplay over the last several months—what's old(er) became new, again. In addition, and staying with the "what's old(er) is new again" theme, Avey Tare (aka Animal Collective's David Portner) newly released album, Eucalyptus, is a textural collage of field recordings, fragmented melodies, and much more and reminiscent of great experimental/psychedelic works from the past. For this, and more, take a look at this week's playlist to see the wide variety of music featured this week.

Finally, don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from the last episode, “Technicolor” (click here). This week's artwork by yours truly yours truly is titled, "flora-delic bass."

Thanks for listening!