Sax and Dust

John Coltrane

If there is a musical thread that connects this week's show it would likley be the saxophone. Not exclusively. There will be other sounds and textures explored and shared but a fair number of tracks feature the sax fairly prominently. From John Coltrane to Chris Potter to Joshua Redman; and from sax in the background to sax in the foreground (hence "sax"in the show's name). Also featured will be at least a couple of retro-crackly-jazz-classics, some quite old, in fact (hence "dust" in the show's name). Let's clear out the musical cobwebs and sonic dust bunnies "live" on Tuesday at 9 AM. You can also catch the all-music, 24/7 station. Thanks for listening! (altered image of John Coltrane by gbmediadesign)