Tributes and Second Looks

Frank Sinatra and Rod McKuen

Last week, poet and songwriter, Rod McKuen passed away leaving behind a rich and varied body of work. His passing prompted me to revisit a somewhat forgotten Sinatra recording, "A Man Alone" that, among other things, showcases lyrics composed by Rod McKuen. It is an unusual pairing, Sinatra and McKuen, to say the least. The album documents a pensive and humble Sinatra. Two words not usually associated with Frank. It also manages to cast a soft but focused light on Sinatra's ability to interpret and emote, ironically(?), at the midpoint of his career and life that is quite unlike any other album he recorded. Frank sings, Frank speaks, and it is, I think, very captivating. Needless to say, I will play a track from the album as well as a few other "tribute" songs as well as taking a second look at some oft-overlooked musical gems. It promises to be an interesting show. Please tune in to this week's show at 9 AM on Tuesday, or listen to the all-music, 24/7 station. [digital collage by gbmediadesign]