Unpacking the Suitcase

Kurt Cobain's Suitcase

"Alloy" kicks off the year with its eighteenth live episode(!) and first two-hour show. In creating the playlist for this week's show I truly delighted in having more time to share more music. An analogy that struck a chord with me as I pulled things together is a travel one: you know when you go for an overnight trip and you are reluctant (for whatever reason!) to unpack your suitcase because you are only staying a short time? Yet, when you go away for a few days or a week you are more inclined to remove items from the suitcase, unpack, and spreadout more in your immediate environs? Shirts and socks in the provided dresser drawer, etc. This new two hour format feels like that. I feel like I have the time and space to spread out more and share more facets of the grand "Alloy" library. Very cool feeling. I look forward to sharing all the things I have assembled for this week's show on Tuesday at 9am. Please listen live if you can. If you can't, the next best thing is to catch the 24/7 music stream of the show via "live365".