Labels (Playlist #73)


I have to confess, I am really not that crazy about music labels. Especially, in this current age where so many diverse sounds, textures, and cultures can be woven into any one composition, labeling can become a fool's game trying to dissect and tease out an array of singular terms that are meaningless individually and confusing as a collection. Too often, I find they get in the way of appreciating music for what it is. I often remind myself to just listen and hold off on the labels. This week's show illustrated the challenge of labels by playing music that combines and also transcends a number of musical it ambient?...folktronica?...experimental? the above, none of the above? Ultimately, you decide. If you caught the live show, thanks for listening! If you missed it, there are links provided for all the tracks played today so you may listen to each at your leisure, enjoy! Don't forget, you can listen to all the music from last week's "Alloy Goes to the Grammys" show right from the comfort of your browser (click here). Thanks for listening! (This week's show artwork, "ambiguous" is by yours truly.)

Composition Album Artist Info Listen Now!
"a name" As subtle as tomorrow Ergo
"Written in the Rocks" Written in the Rocks Renee Rosnes
"Ebony Haze" Wax & Wane Brandee Younger
"Kanta's Theme" Tape Loops Chris Walla
"Smarra" Man Made Object GoGo Penguin
"Lethe" Connection Empirical
"Les D├ębris" Bye Naima
"Autumn; Grace" The Setting Sun Fjordne
"Fullness of Wind" Discreet Music Brian Eno
"Discreet Music, Pt. 1" Eno: Discreet Music Emma Zoe Elkinson, Dean Pomeroy & Contact
"Introductions" Tape Loops Chris Walla
"Echoes" Echoes California Guitar Trio