Last Show of 2014: Episode 17 (Playlist)

This week's show did not revolve around a definitive theme, per se. I have been meaning (for weeks!) to play a set of tracks featuring Brian Blade, drummer and multi-instrumentalist. I did so, finally, this week! I also featured new music from 2014 as well as some interesting new music discoveries as well. All good stuff!

Song Artist Album Amazon | iTunes| Other
Pannonica Terry Adams Love Letter to Andromeda Amazon | iTunes
Ferns Wally Schnalle Idiot Fish Amazon | iTunes
Satyr and the Faun PHOX PHOX Amazon | iTunes
Moon Dog Daniel Lanois Here Is What Is Amazon
Return Of The Prodigal Son Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band Season Of Changes Amazon | iTunes
Masquelero Wayne Shorter Footprints Live! Amazon | iTunes
Seventh Candle Jimmy Greene Beautiful Life Amazon | iTunes
Lost In Thought Throttle Elevator Music Area J Amazon | iTunes
white cylinder (b) the cellar and point ambit Amazon | iTunes