Melting Pot: Pushing Boundaries, Blurring Genres (playlist)

This week's episode features a number of tracks that once again push the stereotypical musical boundaries. I suppose it could be argued that most every "Alloy" has some form of musical boundary pushing, but this one has a bit more than usual. Nothing ear-splitting or grossly uncomfortable! Just musicians who like to play in a bigger-than-normal musical sandbox.

Song Artist Album Amazon | iTunes| Other
In Deep Bill Frisell Bill Frisell Quartet Amazon | iTunes
1936 Phox Phox Amazon | iTunes
The Great Northern (feat. Anthony Pirog, Michael Formanek & Ches Smith) Anthony Pirog Palo Colorado Dream Amazon | iTunes
III. Groove and Countermove: Prairie Dave Douglas El Trilogy Currently Unavailable
Black Squirrel Matt Ulery In the Ivory Amazon | iTunes
Pick Up Sticks Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Out Amazon | iTunes
Heart of Glass The Bad Plus These are the Vistas Amazon | iTunes
John McLaughlin Miles Davis Bitches Brew Amazon | iTunes
Climax: Theme for Astral Pirates Lenny White The Adventures of the Astral Pirates Amazon | iTunes
The Great Schism Dave Douglas Freak In Amazon | iTunes