Minus the Music: Hamilton


The focal point and scale of the prominent Hamilton image, compared to the other new music featured in the image, albeit in the background, is not altogether far from the focus of this week’s show. First off, is there new music to share? Absolutely!...and quite a lot. My music inbox has been filled with new releases that I want to cast a light on this week. Also true is that, culturally, the broadway musical, Hamilton, has been casting a very large and well deserved shadow over many artistic and cultural channels. To try to put in perspective the “why and how” of Hamilton-mania, I have invited my own resident Hamilton specialist to join me in the studio this week, my daughter, Johanna—a soon-to-be high school graduate, self-professed broadway geek, and someone who is deeply immersed in the “Hamilton universe.” Hopefully, she can put put all the Hamilton-mania into perspective for the rest of us. So in addition to a healthy dose of new music, this week’s show will feature tracks from the Hamilton soundtrack as well as a lively discussion about all things Hamiton.