Travelogue (playlist episode #78)


Travel, a theme and experience that has colored and influenced music for centuries. Since the last episode, I did a bit of road travel and it provided an excellent opportunity for me to detach from my usual routines and think more about the role of music as companion while traveling. With the advent of music services offering your/their music (and much, much more) anywhere you go, music can now be a spontaneous and dynamic partner for the road. Think the tune, detect the influence, and in seconds you can hear the tune and others that might have inspired it. Magic. The age of pre-fabricated playlists layered onto fickle and prone-to-failure cassette “mixed tapes” is now unnecessary and largely a relic. This week’s show featured a snapshot of tracks that were inspired by a bit of musical reverie experienced on the road. It opened up some interesting talking points were shared as well. I wove in a slew of new and interesting music including a Broadway tune as well—a full musical slate!

Don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from the last episode, “The Newness of New” from the comfort of your browser (click here). Thanks for listening! (This week's artwork, “travelogue” is by yours truly.)

Composition Album Artist Info Listen Now!
Holy Butter Behind the Vibration Rez Abbasi & Junction Apple iTunes
Veritable Progression Symmetrical Oscillations Patrick Butler YouTube Apple Music
If I'm Unworthy Heigh Ho Blake Mills YouTube Apple Music
As Tears Roll By Shine Daniel Lanois YouTube Apple Music
Moondog Here Is What Is Daniel Lanois YouTube
Life Is A Carnival Greatest Hits The Band YouTube Apple Music
I Have Dreamed The King and I (The 2015 Broadway Cast Recording) Conrad Ricamora, Ashley Park, Ted Sperling & Orchestra YouTube Apple Music
I Have Dreamed The Concert Sinatra Frank Sinatra YouTube Apple Music
Phobos & Deimos Go To Mars Cords Synergy YouTube Apple Music
Bate Todo Mundo Buyepongo Bandcamp Apple Music
Sex Drugs and Jazz Istanbul Underground İlhan Erşahin YouTube Apple Music
So Good at Being in Trouble II Unknown Mortal Orchestra YouTube Apple Music
Tic Toc Nihil Novi Marcus Strickland's Twi-Life YouTube Apple Music
Slow Shift Logan Richardson YouTube Apple Music
La Llorona I Long To See You Charles Lloyd & The Marvels YouTube Apple Music
Uncommon Sense Behind the Vibration Rez Abbasi & Junction Apple iTunes